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Real Life Stories

Here are a few stories about how we helped our clients find financial and personal freedom.  


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Business owners are often defined by their businesses and allow the business to run their lives.  We want to change that.  We advise a dental practice owner who dreamed of using his skills on mission trips around the world. Rather than focusing on solely the financial aspect, our planning process focused on his goals and how to make them a reality. He was shocked by the suggestion that he shut his practice down for a week each year.  "Shut it down?  I can't do that!"  But after digging into his personal and business financials, staffing needs and income, he realized that he didn't have to wait until retirement to begin enjoying his life.  Increased happiness in his work has led to a profitable practice without burnout - and a dream come true of helping people around the world.

It is almost universal that no one likes to pay taxes.  Most of the time it is unavoidable.  However, it is often a driving force for someone to seek financial help.  With the help of our on-staff CPA and CFP® professionals, we can avoid a common problem of tax issues driving other financial pieces to the detriment of your overall wealth. By focusing solely on taxes, our tax-aversionist was in a completely inappropriate investment portfolio for his long term needs.  Through re-adjusting his portfolio, we were better able to control and stabilize long term tax rates while maintaining portfolio growth. 

Having goals is critical to success, but achieving them in reality takes hard work and careful planning.  One client had a dream of being debt free - including a vacation home, a personal residence, and all student loan debt.  This is an example of how income is used to create wealth. By creating a debt strategy using our proprietary "two account approach" and carefully managing cash flow, this family's goals were reached well before age 45!  Now the client is confident in their flexibility and long term financial plan as their wealth continues to grow uninhibited by debt.