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Professionals with high incomes often have complicated financial needs:


  • How do I pay down my debt? And should I?

  • How much should I be saving and where?

  • My company benefits are complicated - where do I start?

  • How do I fund my kids' college?

  • What assets should I protect?

  • How much insurance should I carry to protect my family?

Income ≠ Wealth 

Income develops into wealth if cared for properly.  Along with income usually come debt, high expenses and difficult decisions on saving and investing. We help simplify your financial life and let you enjoy the ride while building a great future for you and your family.

Most financial advisors focus on asset gathering and retirement planning. These are important, but often lack in addressing your critical needs today. By requiring no asset minimum, we focus on PLANNING. This is not a written financial plan that sits on a shelf somewhere, but an active PROCESS that identifies and addresses your financial needs as an individual or family now and in the future.  As your plan develops and your investments grow, they will be managed in the context of your plan.


If you happen to own a business, we can tie it all together with full Practice Management.